1. The Kennedy Center

My husband was at work, as usual. I dressed like I was going out with him anyway. My knee-high boots were stiletto, and my fuzzy sweater had specks of my favorite color – pink. The neckline slide off my shoulder playfully and almost made a mockery of my night out alone. On the free shuttle to the Kennedy Center I crossed my legs at the ankle and scanned. It took me five minutes to identify the couple adventuring on a blind date, the grandfather conversing with young adult grandchildren, and the elderly couple making the most of retirement.

I heard the guy on the blind date ask, “How many siblings do you have?”

My metallic heels wiggled a little trying to find a spot on the ridged aisle leading off the bus. Of course there weren’t any seats. I wasn’t the only one who had the bright idea to indulge in a free concert. Just when I began to bend my knees in hopes of getting that perfect criss cross applesauce position on the rug, an elderly gentleman offered me his chair. I tried to refuse but he said he was leaving anyway. After claiming my seat I closed my eyes for the next fifteen minutes and let the bassoonist lead my thoughts.

vwt 1216

She took me to the summers I spent in a dance studio in point shoes and leotards.  Back then, all I wanted to do was dance. Thirty minutes in the family station wagon almost every day, Monday thru Saturday, was all it took to get me where I wanted to be. Locking eyes with the screen for those of us way in the back, I noticed that the camera person couldn’t keep up with the musicians who all took timed parts in weaving classical melodic tapestry. The violinist led the four of them, and he leaned into the percussion-less music like it was dependent on his rocking. I was truly glad I came.

I know that going to a free Millennium Stage performance is cheating a little. It doesn’t push me that far out of my comfort zone. I was just getting my feet wet. As long as I have a Facebook account I will try to extend myself as far as possible if only for Star Herman. I met Star Herman at a wedding. She was solely responsible for two tables having the best time ever had at a wedding. The next day after I accepted her friend request I looked through pictures that brought back liquor hazed memories of passing around the bride’s tiara, and snapping photos. Ever since then I have found myself logging onto Facebook to see what Star had gotten into that day. Today, when I looked, I found pictures of her dressed in a white tutu and sneakers running in a marathon. Two days ago she posted about her plans to come to Washington, DC and lobby for Aids and Malaria relief in Africa. I don’t get you Star! Where do you find the time? Where do you find so much zest for everything? Little did I know that I unconsciously vowed to be more like Star Herman ever since I first started stalking her on Facebook. So with that said, under the guidance of Star Herman, I know my posts will get better. Maybe the 100th post will picture me running in some marathon with a tutu. Imagine that!

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