Initiation Into The Misfits

I went to the doctor early on the Sunday morning after the holiday party.  I was waiting for my prescription to be filled when I decided to take myself out to breakfast.  Under the surface I was still feeling bad about what took place at the holiday party.  Mike wasn’t returning my calls.  I swallowed thoughts of Mike with every gulp of the three mimosas I spilled down my throat.

In the car on the way home I felt relaxed.  I sunk into the driver’s seat.  Even the rain pelting on my window seemed to lull my worries away.  I knew I was approaching the on ramp too fast.  It was too late to slow down.  The failure of my tires to grip the road rang in my ear along with the racket produced by my car losing control, charging towards the guardrail, and heading into oncoming traffic…

Now I have a reoccurring Friday date at AA with other misfits like me.

The misfits! Candy is in the red pants. There is an ankle monitor under that beady eyed guitarist’s pants. I am in the orange jumpsuit with the rock star goggles!

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