9. Glossy Covers for Bridge and Tunnel Posers

I got inspired by book blogs.  After the inspiration welled there was nothing that could stop me from metaphorically running up Credit: © 1976 MGM / Courtesy Pyxurzthe stairs like Rocky.  I couldn’t just go to the Barnes and Noble at the local shopping mall.  Instead, I had to go all the way to Politics and Prose, the book store in Washington, DC.  I like to pretend I am a cosmopolitan sipping, loft living, stiletto wearing woman.  Who am I kidding?  I’m a bridge and tunnel Virginian, former drunk, townhouse living, croc wearing woman.  I could’ve just gone to the strip mall Barnes and Noble.  There was no stopping me, however.  In order to mentally declare my bookwormhood I had to start at the book store.

When I got there the books seemed to glow.  The sight of the colorful covers almost made the hour drive worth it.  There is something about the smell of a room filled with new books.  The texture of glossy back covers stimulate your fingertips as you read a taste about the pages between.  The whole experience is well…sexy, for lack of a better word.  There’s just something about it that beats the book descriptions on my Kindle screen.

Ok…so here is the thing with me and books.  It is so hard for me to find books I like.  I have tried all sorts of selection processes.  I’ve read whatever Opera recommends, took the advice of friends, only bought New York Times best sellers, and read what I saw everyone on the metro reading.  Here is where all of those methods led me:


I am truly sorry I started reading this book.  Rape and extreme violence against women is not remotely entertaining to me.


Maybe I had too many expectations because the back of the book promised readers a twist.  The small twist didn’t live up to the hype.  Truthfully, not liking this book made me feel like a jerk.  Does my dislike indicate a lack of concern for pressing issues in countries like Nigeria?


Seriously?  What was the purpose of this book?  Why did the main character’s brother turn into a chair?  What’s wrong with letting readers follow dialogue with quotation marks?

Glimmers of hope:


I found this waiting for me on a lonely shelf in a ravaged Borders bookstore.  This is my favorite book published since 2000.  I loved it so much I emailed the author begging for a new book.  She is looking for a publisher :(


I’m glad I took my colleagues suggestion about Water for Elephants.  I wish that Rosie the elephant struck the deadly blow in the movie version.

I know I haven’t included reasons for the love of these books.  Maybe therein lies the problem.  I am such a picky reader that I can’t even explain the reasons for the books I like.   I was, however, inspired by my trip to the book store.  I downloaded a few samples onto my kindle before I left for the night.

The goal is to have bookshelf after bookshelf littered with all types of good reads so in housethat I can leave the television for my husband and his beloved NFL.  Right now the shelves are a little skimpy.  I can’t even claim the shelves on the left side.  Each and every one of them was required by some professor.  Notice the shelf lined with DVDs that continue on the window sill.  My own selections don’t even need a shelf.   They are on the windowsill to the right.  Tisk tisk tisk!  I’m working on it!

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