Pasta Paired with…Odwalla?


When my friend asked me to join her for dinner my eyes widened a little bit. The thing is – it had been a year since I stepped foot in the place. Back then I was a regular. I knew all of the line cooks and of course – the bartender. The bartender and I were on a first name basis which is so funny now because I can’t remember what his name is.

It was Friday night in Chinatown, Washington DC. Vapianos was packed from the window to the wall. I came armed with my Odwalla, Mango Tango. Dammit! Since when did waitresses start coming around inquiring about happy hour drink orders?

“No!” I shouted before I remembered to relax.

Not everyone knows I am a recovering alcoholic.

If I hadn’t managed to press my tense shoulders down I would have shoved the Mango Tango in her face and screamed, “Don’t you see I have my Odwalla! Now you get the hell outta here asking crazy questions.”

mango tango
I’m glad I managed to keep my composure. I know this half eaten bowl of pasta may look gross to some but trust me, it was delicious! I’m thankful I made it through without the trip to the bar!


4 thoughts on “Pasta Paired with…Odwalla?

  1. Well done, Anna! And it is amazingly unsettling to go back to places where we used to drink and spend time there sober – like some kind of odd parallel universe.

    I shouted at a few waitresses/ bartenders too ;)

    • Thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot. I’m glad someone else understands the rudeness to wait staff. I don’t want to be mean but sometimes for my own wellbeing I have to give them a stern no.

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