Monster Under the Sink


I was delighted by the smell of bleach.  Bathrooms.  Check!  Newspaper trick my husband taught me plus Windex equals a streak free mirror.  I’ve got the foyer smelling like pine. Only one thing left.  The stove top could benefit from some Lysol.  Just a short reach under the kitchen sink and I’ll be done cleaning for the day.

The cabinet door eked like it was conscious of the horror it confined…

Grey Goose.  Just a swallow in a gigantic bottle left accidentally by my husband.  I picked it up and peered through the frosted glass.  I happily put it back where it was found.  Two months ago I would have desperately lapped at the few drops.

2 thoughts on “Monster Under the Sink

    • It definitely was. This new place feels good. I’m going to work really hard to stay here as long as possible.

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