2 Pac

My husband looked over my shoulder as I typed incessantly.

“How many short stories are you going to write? You’re like Tupac.”

What? Tupac? How does a country music fanatic like my husband know anything about Tupac? My husband is also a documentary nut. He watches anything as long as it’s documentary style. According to my husband’s cinematic research, Tupac wrote so many songs that he had enough tracks to fill many cds posthumously.

I do write a lot. Is it fair to say that I am…addicted. Is that the right word? I wake up in the middle of the night to touch up that final paragraph. I snatch paid minutes surrounded by cubicle textures to punctuate and spot polka dots on a character’s hair bow. Instead of filing reports I fill paragraphs to my heart’s desire.

I never thought I would start my mornings cracking open my computer instead of taking a swig of wine. If this is my new addiction – thank god.

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