I need a F#*$ing Drink


I had few minutes in-between sliding file folders from the left to right side of my desk.  I let the handset lay limply between my ear and shoulder.  I was barely paying attention to the phone call as I sloppily attempted to multitask.  Somehow I was able to respond to the prompts.  The automated lady pulled up my information after I supplied her with my SS#, birthdate and address.  Three minutes later I was on the phone with a person.  After my lazily phrased questions, one response from the customer service representative slowed my working hands to still, and forced my eyes away from the computer screen.

How is it possible that I don’t qualify for loan forgiveness?  I did the 5 years in public service.  Because one of my student loans originates in 1998 I don’t qualify!  I was never made aware of this fine print.  This is bullshit!  I need a drink! Without the forgiveness on my loan I will have to make a significant lifestyle change just to make the payments.  I would not have done five years in public service if I thought I wouldn’t qualify.

I cried into my hands after I stopped myself from yelling obscenities into the handset.  I was glad no one passed my cubicle.  Just like that I had a moment of clarity.  Well, what do you know?  I am being tested.  Am I going to let circumstances shifting south force me down with it?  No.  Tea, smoothie, or mint flavored water…no wine!  I went from crying to laughing like a mad woman.  I cackled realizing that I was going to survive the test.  The crying was just for me.  The laughing, on the other hand, could ring out to every corner of the office for all to hear.

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