17. “You look like you’re struggling over here…”

studyingSienna theories and paradigm shifts.  Afroduplicidous societal reform.  Eckiness arch counteracts the economic theory of punitive damages.  What?  I checked my watch.  It was 3:30 PM.  I had been at Starbucks since 11:30 AM.  Jeez!  I don’t understand what I am reading.  For the love of Bob!  I have an advanced degree.  It seems that every other week I receive confirmation that my MA isn’t worth squat.  I don’t understand what is in these textbooks that I bought for a community college class.  I’m getting frustrated.

I wore my Rutgers University hoodie and sweat pants.  This seemed like the perfect gear to fend off flirtatious sharks.  Because of my unscheduled stress diet, my wedding ring is being resized.  Despite my efforts, some 21-year-old collar popping college kid sat down on the newspapers I placed on the seat next to me.  I had hoped the newspapers would be like spikes to those pushing in to distract me from my work.  No such luck.  When I got desperate for the small talk to end I actually pointed out the light skin where my wedding band had been.overcome-blushing

“Don’t flatter yourself.  You look like you’re struggling over here.  Give me a call if you would like to hire a tutor.”

He plopped his homemade flier down on the table, and left behind a breeze that whooshed past my syllabi when he exited.  The hood on my head didn’t hide my rosy cheeks.

housewifePlans to go see the MLK memorial I had heard so much about went by the wayside.  I didn’t finish my homework before I went home to take a “break.”  In light of recent events, I am looking forward to taking a year off from work so that I can pay more attention to my studies.  This possibility is something I have been discussing with my husband.  Wish me luck in persuading him that it’s the right move.  I think I make a good housewife.  He doesn’t seem to be as convinced.

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