18.5 Me and Mr. Thomasville

I’m having an affair.  It’s been going on for a while.  Since I quit drinking is has gotten serious.  It was a blah Wednesday evening. Rain pelted and exploded on my windshield attempting to slow me down.  I mashed the gas with my stilettoed heel.  Minivans and Priuses swerved out of my way as if they knew I had to get there.  I bit my glossy lip in anticipation.  Only a few more miles on the highway.

I had finally arrived.  I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. I left a trail that started with a patent leather pump and ended with my lacy bra.  I fell into thick arms and started to melt.  I buried my face and sighed as I filled with the familiar scent.  I didn’t mean to pop the blue button.  It had been fasted tight with strong thread but it obviously was no match for me.  I giggled, comforted, as I watched it tumble to the floor.  Fully satisfied I grabbed at a nearby comforter.  Time for a nap.  I am so in love with you…

blue couch

couch  ;-)

Ok, seriously, I really do run home everyday to spend time with my couch.  It’s more enjoyable now that I’m not hung-over, wrestling the chunks down, while passing out.  Sometimes I am so thankful to let the, “aaaaahhhh,” escape from my lips as I sink into the couch.  Is it so horrible to include my love affair with the couch as one of the 100?  I know it’s cheating according to the foundation this blog was founded on.  For that reason it gets only a mini mention on the list.

2 thoughts on “18.5 Me and Mr. Thomasville

  1. “Since I quit drinking is has gotten serious.”

    That’s pretty interesting, since I noticed when I quit drinking that I sleep a lot more. You feel more when you’re sober, and that can be exhausting.

    • Very true! I also don’t think we actually sleep when we pass out. Passing out is a very superficial form of rest which is interesting since I believe I drank a lot to induce a comatose state and detachment from reality.

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