21. Poor Little Spoiled Girl

mlkStanding at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial I am reminded of humility.  I have been moping around like some poor little spoiled girl.  I know that life experiences are relative.  I can’t excuse, however, the way I have been pouting. It is not as if I’m a protester fighting vicious dogs turned on me during the Civil Rights Movement, looking around for water in some underdeveloped country, or an early 20th century woman caged on a pedestal unable to make career choices outside of the home.

I get it, thanks to # 21.  I have to leave my job.  Big whoop!  I may be broke and poor for a year or so.  However, I am blessed.  I have choices.  I am thankful.


4 thoughts on “21. Poor Little Spoiled Girl

    • It’s funny you should ask Neicey. I have been pondering the question you pose a lot lately. I don’t want to make an emotional decision. I have been thinking, however, that I’m going to make a dramatic career change. It’s going to be a hard, poor, rough road ahead. The positive thing about being fired (aka succumbing under extreme pressure to resign) is that I feel like I don’t have much to lose. Why not go out and try my hand at the most ridiculous occupation out there. I’m enrolling in Mimes, Clowns and Juggling Technical Rodeo School in the fall ;-) Just kidding!

  1. Hey, you’re allowed to be pissed. And whiny. And scared. Why the hell not? It’s a big change, it was a shock, it’s going to touch every part of your life. Go ahead and bitch and wallow and sulk. What the hell.

    And then? Then get on with your new life, full of possibilities and opportunities and second chances.

    • Thank you so much Michelle! Thank you for reminding me that I have the right to be upset. I have a habit of being hard on myself. I’m anxious to get to the part when I move on. I think I’m just about there

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