23. Stop molesting that wax figure you perverted tourist!

living socialLiving Social and VW&T are married. I plan to fill many of the 100 with discounts from Living Social. Last weekend, I clicked onto the website and there it was. One ticket for about $13. Three more clicks and the ticket was in my virtual hand.

washingtondctussauds_heroPreviously, it never occurred to me that Madame Tussauds house of wax was an option. I remembered why as soon as I stepped in the front door. It reeked of tourists. Picture taking, confused in the metro system, exotic spice eating – TOURISTS! I had to stick to the plan for the sake of # 23. I had my iPhone glued to my ear as I listened to my best friend whine about the latest calamity in her life. I barely heard the man collecting my ticket over her exclamations. Yes he is a jerk but…what did you just say ticket man?

“Did you come alone?”


“That’s ok.”

“Um, I know.”

Dr_-SpockThe man continued discussing my outing alone even as I fixed angry, vertical eyebrows on my face and snatched my ticket. I headed towards the wax. The jibber jabber continued to stream endlessly down my ear canal. I multitasked and noticed how that statue doesn’t even look like Beyoncé. Stop molesting that wax figure you perverted tourist! I sailed through the maze in the same way I rush dreaded trips down supermarket aisles.

Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy number 23. Maybe 24 will be better.

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