24. Capitulating to Archaism

I’m embarking on a new lifestyle.  Done with capitalism.  Moving to a farm to live on the land.  Becoming one with earth and soil.  Hugging trees.  Good bye iPhone, computer, Kindle, and cable television…All of this is b*llsh#t speak for I’m broke now.  I haven’t felt the full effect of my new brokedom because technically, I won’t resign from my job until the middle of June.

I’m trying to prevent the shock of my meager means from getting the best of me.  I’m going to trim the fat now.  If my Kindle malfunctions I won’t be able to run out and buy a new one.  I would have to read a (gasp) – paperback!  I will be so poor I might have to get that paperback from the (gasp) – library!  I ventured to the library last Saturday to take the edge off of this new reality.  It wasn’t how I left it some years ago during my graduate school years.

snookiI managed to find some decent books in this crumbling building.  The few books on the shelves filled me the same type of anticipation and wonder I had as a child venturing to New York Public Libraries every Saturday.  After I picked up A Shore Thing I considered it for a moment.  Then, I quickly put it down clear that even a spandex, stretchy book cover couldn’t hide the shame of reading something written by Snooki Polizzi.

I wonder what the future holds for this library which seems to hold more homeless seeking shelter than researchers, avid readers, or information junkies.  I worry for the special collections held by the Washingtoniana Division.  It includes fascinating archives which I had the priviledge of sifting through as a graduate student.  I hope, as I hang out with the homeless crew, that public spaces like the library don’t completely capitulate to the internet.

2 thoughts on “24. Capitulating to Archaism

  1. You tree-hugger, you!

    Also! Remember to make your own clothes, and cut your own hair ;)

    But seriously: maybe making your life simpler is not a bad thing. I have had to cut back on my expenditures lately because of less work, and it killed me at first, but now I like it… less crap to keep track of!

    • Very true! I am actually very excited to spend some time off from working a serious job. (I may get a part-time job.) If I have to let go of some things to start my broke version of Eat, Pray, Love so be it!

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