26. I Hate Traveling!

I really do hate it.  I don’t understand why people include traveling as a plus in online dating bois and “witty” cocktail conversations.  Traveling sucks!

carrie_bradshawOnce upon I time, when I was trying to fit into Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, I went to Japan.  I was so convinced that in order to be just like Carrie I had to wear stilettos, drink cosmos, and travel on a whim.  I figured I would sleep during the ten plus hours I spent on the plane.  It never occurred to me that I would be packed between two other people like a sardine, seated in coach. What is the point of showing me where the plane is on a digital  map?  It is completely surrounded by blue!  We are never going to get there.  I have seen these three movies playing on this mini screen two times each.  By the time we landed my ankles were the size of small tennis balls.  The airline lost my luggage.  I still haven’t paid off the credit card that paid for this trip.  Traveling is for the rich.  They can afford first class airline tickets.

With all of that stated, I wasn’t too jazzed about showing up to my baby cousin’s baby shower in New York.  Back when I moved to Washington DC, like an idiot, I didn’t consciously realize that traveling would be required to visit family and friends.  Silly me.  Of course, I pushed off making travel arrangements until the day I was megabus01expected in NY.  Dammit!  Greyhound doesn’t have a bus that will get me there on time.  Megabus and Bolt are sold out.  I spend $140 to take the train.  After three hours cooing around the mother-to-be I was waiting in the cold for the Megabus back to DC.  I can’t stay the night because I have to get my mind right for work on Monday.  I can only do this in the comfort of my home.  I waited forty minutes trying to use my small arms to block the wind from piercing my jacket.  Finally on the bus, I spread myself and my belonging across two seats, and faked sleep.  My heart beat got loud as I heard passengers searching for seats.  Phew!   I kept my two seater.  The engine started up and we were on our way down south.   I tried to stretch out and catch some Zs.

I love you baby cousin, but I should have just sent a gift.  I bet baby Isaiah would have enjoyed my $200 gift more than my $200 train and bus tickets.

4 thoughts on “26. I Hate Traveling!

  1. I tend to agree with you, although I would say it is transportation that is what totally sucks, especially air transportation. I now know how cattle must feel as they are hauled to anywhere. Even the flight attendants are calloused, although I will say many of them put up a good, professional front. I have come to appreciate bus transportation just about anywhere in the world except the U.S. Motorcoaches proved seating equivalent to business class on aircraft, and many provide food and beverages for extended trips. I would not put Greyhound in that category.
    Nice post!

    • Thank you! You’re right. It is the transportation that makes me hate traveling. Instead of boarding a plane I will live vicariously through your blog :)

    • You’re not weird. I’m the weird one. I’m probably the only one on earth who hates traveling.

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