31. Rubbing Buttered Fingers

RUI am proud alumna of Rutgers University. Nestled in Americas armpit is an oasis of intellect and greatness. I know. I was there. What we lack, even in a town as great as New Brunswick (raise the roof for New Brunswick!), is anything remotely interesting to do. Besides the occasional Greek sponsored party there is nothing there but a quiet suburban town. I spent many a Saturday night watching cute guys play Madden. New York was a short train ride away but by the time we ate, bought our train ticket, paid to get into the club, and tipped the cabby we had spent $40 to $50 dollars easily. That was money we earned many hard Saturday afternoons in a hot dining hall slapping dishes onto a conveyer belt. No thanks! I can only imagine what the college kids do now. They can’t spend too much time in NYC. I went back to my alma mater to visit and learned that now it costs $14 to travel one way to NY! Oucha magoucha that is crazy expensive! Anyway…I digress. When I was in college many of us learned to make use of the tiny movie theatre on route 18. I spent so much time at the movies that I’ve grown tired of buttered popcorn and 3-D glasses.

Therefore, when my husband suggested we go and see GI JoeGI Joe on the big screen last Thursday morning I wasn’t jazzed by the idea. How could I deny him? He is such a cutie even eight years later. I called my girlfriend and canceled the lunch date I had planned. I broke a rule I created on super bowl Sunday. I allowed my husband to drive and take control of one of the 100. How could I resist. It was his idea. I actually wore heels and he put on the cowboy boots he knows make him look sexified. We were doing it up date style. We weren’t quite the us we were eight years ago. We are definitely fat versions of our former selves but I guess we get an A for effort. In true hubby fashion he drove many miles away from our home. This movie theatre past forests and farms allowed us both tickets for $10 total. The seats were giant red recliners instead of those stiff seats that make you regret going to the movies. GI Joe was cute, funny, and action packed. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again when it comes out on DVD.

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