Posted in May 2013

37.  Swedish Furniture

37. Swedish Furniture

I am such a poser.  My townhouse is lined with damaged Swedish furniture like the Ikea showroom.  I must not really hate Ikea.  I had a twinge of regret, however, when I rolled into the Ikea parking lot.  Why had I done this to myself?  All the girl had done was invite me to her house-warming party.  Why … Continue reading

36.  Nerd Lust

36. Nerd Lust

It’s  amazing to me how much I’ve changed since I’ve been sober.  The activities that used to be super exciting currently lull me to boredom.  The other day I went to an office mandated happy hour at what used to be my favorite restaurant.  I know the hostess, bartenders, and wait staff by first name.  … Continue reading

35. Sharp, Jagged Stirrup Teeth

35. Sharp, Jagged Stirrup Teeth

Does it have teeth?  You would think it does since I avoid going to the gynecologist like the plague.  Recently, I have tried to be an adult (if only for a little while.)  I am starting new employment in June.  Unsure about the benefits at my new downscaled job I figure I should tie up … Continue reading

I hadn’t been to church since I was a young child.  I wasn’t thrilled when my colleague Jillian invited me to go but I figured well…why not.  It should be interesting.  I knew I was starting off on shaky feet when I looked in my closet that Sunday morning.  Panning my eyes to the left … Continue reading