Banning Leopard Printed Lacquer from the (Job) Hunt

I know, I know, I have been M.I.A. Here is where I’ve been. Enjoy!

Pickle Grit

I knocked on the door to the  office.  I attempted to peer inside.  Deciding that I needed to step away before a neighbor called the cops on the mysterious peeping tom, I started walking towards my car.  As I reached for the handle I heard the bells attached to the office door.  Spinning around, I was almost relieved to meet eyes with my…interviewer.  Wait a minute.  This woman is dressed in tight jeans and a baby doll tie dyed top.  She looks like she is on her way to a barbeque.  Her outfit was completed with thick hoop earrings that slammed against her shoulders every time she turned her head, and a variety of animal print designs on her toe nails.  It was quite a contrast to my button down blouse and pencil skirt.  Maybe she is… part of the cleaning staff…the receptionist…As I stood there trying to mentally explain away…

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