36. Nerd Lust

It’s  amazing to me how much I’ve changed since I’ve been sober.  The activities that used to be super exciting currently lull me to boredom.  The other day I went to an office mandated happy hour at what used to be my favorite restaurant.  I know the hostess, bartenders, and wait staff by first name.  When I used to show up daily for happy hour bar patrons sang my name and accompanied their chanting with bare bones percussion on the bar.  The night would then sail away in a soothing haze. I couldn’t wait until the next happy hour when I would do it all again.  Well…months into sobriety as I sipped on my ginger ale, looking in the faces of colleagues that I see every fucking day for 12 hours at a time, watching them guzzle down the pinot grigios and merlots that used to be my best friends, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

shotsI wonder if it’s fair to say that I am a completely different person considering my choices last weekend.  That Saturday, I finally got the call I was waiting for.  The joyful voice on the other end of the line told me I got the position I had been dreaming about.  Yippy!   How did drunk Ana use to celebrate?  Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, LMFAO style.  Maybe I’m exaggerating a little.  I have never been a shot lover but I definitely would have bought some wine. I might have even bought the wine box just to be ridiculous.  Wine was for all occasions – when I was feeling sad, needed to celebrate, or to cure boredom.

cd coversNow what do I do to celebrate?  Like an artsy nerd I hightailed it to the craft store and bought three huge frames, a hot glue gun, and picture hanging kit.  Then I spent my Saturday night gluing all of the cd covers from my collection into humongous collages.  I framed each one nicely and hung them side by side.  I am super excited.  I think they look so cool.  (I’m such a nerd!)

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