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32.  Velvet Roped DC

32. Velvet Roped DC

I was looking raggedy and tattered.  Wearing funky and sweaty workout clothes I casually decided to make my way around to the Cororan Gallery of Art.  I recalled an advertisement I saw in the City Paper about an exhibit centered on Washington, DC subculture of the 1980s.  I checked the paper handy in my bag … Continue reading



My husband looked over my shoulder as I typed incessantly. “How many short stories are you going to write? You’re like Tupac.” What? Tupac? How does a country music fanatic like my husband know anything about Tupac? My husband is also a documentary nut. He watches anything as long as it’s documentary style. According to … Continue reading

7.  Spikes & Meat?

7. Spikes & Meat?

I tried to draw myself a little reminder.  The exhibit leaves the National Museum of Women in the Arts on January 6th, I believe.  So I drew myself a little picture so that I would not miss it.  It was a little sketch on a post-it note by my nightstand.  It was supposed to be … Continue reading