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31. Rubbing Buttered Fingers

31. Rubbing Buttered Fingers

I am proud alumna of Rutgers University. Nestled in Americas armpit is an oasis of intellect and greatness. I know. I was there. What we lack, even in a town as great as New Brunswick (raise the roof for New Brunswick!), is anything remotely interesting to do. Besides the occasional Greek sponsored party there is … Continue reading

26.  I Hate Traveling!

26. I Hate Traveling!

I really do hate it.  I don’t understand why people include traveling as a plus in online dating bois and “witty” cocktail conversations.  Traveling sucks! Once upon I time, when I was trying to fit into Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes, I went to Japan.  I was so convinced that in order to be just like Carrie I … Continue reading