100 Places on 100 Cents

  • brokeMetro ride: $3.98
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial visit: $0
  • Living in a city that affords me the opportunities to carry out goals beyond vibrators, wine & television: PRICELESS

I have decided to double back.  I’m starting a brand new career path, or should I say, tax bracket.  I am recent-graduate-out-of-college broke.  While I am excited and proud of my boldness, I do have some aspects of corporate Anna that I would like to hold on to.  Namely, I want to keep More than Vibrators, Wine & Television.  This blog is extremely important to me for so many reasons.  It keeps the soul sucking complexities of my addiction at bay.  It allows me to poke fun at alcoholic Anna as opposed to dying because of Alcoholic Anna.  It forces me out into fresh air even when I want to lay around and be negative.  In order to complete my goal I have to get out there at least 8 times a month.  I am constantly tracking my progress.

lotfI am so thankful I live near Washington, DC.  It has to be one of the cheapest cities to explore. I would be in trouble if I were in NY, Miami, or LA.  Washington DC is the stage from which I build and reveal a new lifestyle.  Politicians, government programing, national memorials, and patriotism rock!

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